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Hazel Sáenz

AWS Hero | Solutions Architect | 3xAWS | 5xScrum | AWS UG Leader | DevOps

Her fascination with technology translates into a passionate dedication to exploring and building innovative solutions. Discover Hazel’s creative mind and visionary spirit as she leads the way into the technological future

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Awsome Women Community Summit 2023

AWS Step Functions Workshop

Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴

AWS Summit, 2023

Como evitar problemas de tiempos de espera de API Gateway usando aplicaciones sin sevidor

DevChat Lounge

Ciudad de México, México 🇲🇽

Seminario de Tecnología de Información

Machine Learning con AWS

Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 🇬🇹





Patrones de Arquitectura Serveless con Hazel Saenz


Being an AWS User Group Leader - Live Talk Session with Hazel Saenz


AWS Community Builders Program - What is it & How you can become one


Desarollo inteligente: Impulsa tu código con IA


Perpectivas Empresariales en la Nube en el 2023


Capsula de Conocimiento: AWS Lambda - Hazel Saenz


Serverless 101


Que es big data y data warehouse


Exploring the Power of serveless with CDK and SST


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Despliegue API Serverless con SAM

Publish: Nov 17 '22

📖 5 min.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up your Serverless Architecture

Publish: Jan 26 '23

📖 5 min.

Como el viaje donde me robaron alrededor de $4000 se convirtió en uno de los mejores viajes de mi vida

Publish: Mar 17 '23

📖 5 min.

Cómo evitar timeouts de API Gateway usando aplicaciones serverless y en menos de 10 minutos

Publish: Jun 28 '23

📖 9 min.

How to tackle timeout on Amazon API Gateway using AWS Step Functions and AWS Serverless Application Models (SAM)

Publish: Agu 18 ‘23

Libera el poder de tus aplicaciones Serverless con AWS Cloud Development Kit y SST

Publish: Sep 12 '23

📖 4 min.

Diving into the Cloud: Your Easy Start-Up Guide

Publish: Jan 12 ‘24

📖 3 min.

Implementing an Hexagonal Architecture for serverless apps in less than 10 minutes

Publish: Feb 13 ‘24

📖 8 min.

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What I do?

App Design

I am responsible for defining the system's structure, organizing the application into modules to ease development, and ensuring crucial aspects such as security, performance, and scalability. I provide clear guidance for the efficient and effective development of the application..

Cloud migration consulting

My mission is to guide companies in migrating systems and data to cloud environments, assessing needs, selecting suitable infrastructure, and ensuring a secure and efficient transition to optimize efficiency, security, and scalability of cloud operations..

CI/CD And Software Life Cicle

My job is to design, implement, and optimize automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes that enable fast and high-quality software delivery. I manage the software lifecycle from planning to delivery, with a focus on continuously improving workflows.


As a technology expert, my greatest motivation is to share the knowledge I've gained with the community. Through technical talks and specialized articles, I have sought to disseminate my wisdom in this field. Additionally, I lead the AWS community in Guatemala and dedicate my time as a volunteer at WWC Guatemala and AWS Girls Chile, guiding other women towards the path of excellence in technology.



AWS Community Builder Serverless Category


AWS All Builders Welcome Grant 2023

AWS Serverless Hero


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"We grow together and change the world one app at a time."


+502 56536538